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Employees were extremely nice and informative.

This was a WONDERFUL experience! Last year I took a cruise sponsored snorkeling excursion. This year I booked the Caye Caluker Reef & Shark/Ray Alley Snorkeling tour with Coral Breeze. The employees were extremely nice and informative. The snorkeling at the coral reef was in small groups (8-10) and was so much better than the snorkeling with the cruise ship. There was absolutley no problem getting back to Belize City in plenty of time to take the tender back to our ship. Shark Ray Alley was really cool as the rays are swimming all around and touching your legs; it is very soft as they brush against you. Throughout the entire excursion, the employees took great care of everyone and it was a delightful experience. I would absolutely recommend this tour.

Chris C.
Columbus, OH
April 4, 2013