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Our Favorite Stop

This was by far our favorite stop. We booked a tour online with Coral Breeze and we loved every minute of it. The crew are some of the nicest people that we have ever met. We mentioned that we were thinking of coming to Belize to look at retirement property that we wanted to maybe purchase for when we actually get old enough to retire. The captain of the ship said when we decide to come down to give him a shout and he would take us to all the people that we need to talk to about this. He was one of the nicest people I have ever met and the whole crew was equally as nice. We went to Caye Calker and ordered our lunch and then the boat pulled back out and went to Shark/Ray alley. First we snorkeled through the coral reefs and then it was on to the big show. The captain moved a few hundred yards and put the boat in neutral and started gunning the engines. The next thing that you knew, the water was full of Sharks and Sting rays. They were huge and they were everywhere. We were told that the Nurse sharks were harmless so we trusted them and jumped off the boat. It was fantastic! The sting rays and sharks were bouncing
off us and pushing against us and seemed to actually like being petted.
After about ten minutes the Sharks got a little skittish and swam a little ways away from us and hung to the outside of the group the rest of the time. But not before we got to pet them and swim with them. If you do this tour, bring an underwater camera because no one will believe
your story..:)
After the swim with the sharks and rays we went back to Caye Caulker and had lunch. My wife and I had the chicken Burrito and they were great. My Brother and his Wife had traditional Belizian chicken and they loved it too. It seemed to be hard to go wrong on what you chose to eat. Before I forget, if you like beer then you have to try Belikian beer.
It is Belize’s beer and it is fantastic. I wish I could get some here back in the states. After the dive and lunch we headed back to Belize city. We got back there at around 3pm and the last tender back to the ship was around 4:30, so it gave us plenty of time to buy souvenirs before returning to the ship. None of us ever wanted to leave Belize. It was gorgeous and I will be back there as soon as I can. Thank you Coral Breeze for making this a memory that will last forever…

Greg Burau
Norwegian Sea

February 17, 2005 10:10 am