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We were the only six in his group that day so we had an exclusive tour! Our first pleasant surprise, but not our last! We drove for an hour out of Belize City to the mountains, while Ivar told us much about his country. At the cave tubing park, we each received a rubber tire inner tube, a life jacket, and a head lamp. We had very little idea about what we were actually going to experience. We carried our tubes a short ways to a refreshing and crystal clear river, only ten or so yards across. This was our finish line. We stopped for a dip before walking 40 minutes up river, and we were glad to be wet much of the way through the easy jungle path. Ivar stopped to describe much of the flora we saw along the way, took us into a cave and told us about Mayan beliefs, and pointed out a tarantula spider sitting inside the edge of its hole (at a safe distance).

We arrived at a cliff some 10 feet above the water at the mouth of a very large cave. Wow! We climbed down a few steps and Ivar helped each of us into our inner tubes, rump first, with a splash. He then connected our group by putting our feet under the arms of the person in front. Emily was first, followed by Jen, Joy, me, Joline, and Andrew in the caboose. The water was refreshing but not cold, and it was crystal clear and blue where the sun shone in it.

Soon, floating in our tube-train, we entered the yawning maw of a cave, the size of which was as big as any traffic tunnel you know. The head lamps went on and our guide pointed out formations and told us of Mayan beliefs about the cave system; their underworld. (It was NEVER scary and ALWAYS safe and spectacular to see and experience!) The tunnel we went through was about a mile long with one break in the middle. Some places were in absolute darkness (without the lamps) and in other places, the world above opened up to dimly light the encroaching jungle.

We each were very impressed with the tour. It was the favorite excursion we have ever been on because - beside the stunning beauty of the park and caves - Ivar was an excellent host and guide. Skip the big tours and find this gem to book your group. It was personal, economical, informative, and FUN!

Mark M.
Pepperell, MA
Carnival Glory
March 19, 2009