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Everyone else on the other tours was jealous of ours!

Our tour was AWESOME! Coral Breeze met us at the dock, and our guide, Ivar, was immediately warm and friendly. Our group of six was joined in the van by a family of four, and, along with their guide, Javier, we all rode out to the site. The zipline was pretty exciting, with four trips of some pretty good distance. And the tubing was perfect: cool water, nice day, and very few bats!

But the real treat for the six of us was our guide, Ivar. He is an absolute fountain of knowledge! He knew history, science, sociology, culture, art, weather and more, but he was so approachable and friendly in sharing it (not a "know-it-all"). He kept up a great pace, never too fast or too slow. We were floating through the caves with another 3 or 4 tour groups (not Coral Breeze), and Ivar was the only one keeping us informed! The other guides seemed to be there to push or pull their groups through the water, but Ivar kept pointing out interesting formations, tying it together with Mayan culture and mythology, scientific observations and more. And always laughing with us! Everyone else on the other tours was jealous of ours! Thanks to Coral Breeze -- and especially Ivar! -- for a great tour! I'd recommend him to anyone!

Dave & Berta
Sandy, UT
Holland America Veendam
March 30, 2009