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Family really enjoyed this tour.

For this tour, we met our driver outside of the Wet Lizard restaurant right next to the pier where the cruise tenders arrive. This was a great tour and my family really enjoyed this tour. This tour also included lunch and was half the price of the cave tubing excursion on the ship. Also, what was nice about this tour, the ship excursion required children to be 12-years-old for this excursion. But Coral Breeze tours allows for children as young as 6-years-old. My daughter was 8-years-old and really wanted to go cave tubing. I don’t know why the age limits, because drifting down a river is not too difficult. Anyways, so we meet our driver (Raul) who drives us in an air conditioned van to the Branch River where we then walked with our tour guide Little Louis (little Louie) who was excellent. Little Louie is a 100% Mayan Indian and has a Masters in Archeology from Penn State. He was very knowledgeable about the rainforest jungle and Mayan history. At the river, Little Louie had us get in the refreshing water and we all locked arms together (my family and another couple on the tour). We then all drifted through the caves and down the river together with Little Louie telling us about the things we were seeing. It was a great trip. At the end we got back in the van with our driver who stays at the van and watches all your personal items (since you just wear your bathing suit for the river floating). Our driver, Raul was great and very friendly. We got back in the van and we rode to a restaurant where this lady made us a traditional Belizean lunch with beans, rice, chicken, and potato salad. We then traveled back to the pier area and our driver gave us advice on shopping in the area and recommended shopping and bargaining with the street vendors outside of the tourist complex area. We did a little shopping, bought a Mayan calendar and then went back to the tourist pier to board our boat with plenty of time 1-2 hours to spare. We tipped our driver $10 for driving us to the river and thanked him for such a great time.

Ronald T.
Blacksburg, VA
Carnival Miracle
December 31, 2008