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A great value and a load of fun.

Our cave tubing excursion in Belize was a highlight of our cruise. Our guide, Ivar, made the trip a real blast. He was very knowledgeable and gave us great insight into the country, the people, the vegetation and the wildlife. Ivar was waiting for us as scheduled on the pier and gave us a running commentary on Belize City and the country as we drove to the caves. In addition to learning many things about limestone caves and formations, we learned about soldier ants, fruit bats, medicinal plants, how to find direction in the jungle and many other fascinating topics.

At the caves, Ivar demonstrated constant vigilance for safety and went out of his way to make this tour a fun adventure. After comparing notes, it is clear that we had a longer excursion, closer contact with the country and its people, and all for about half the rate of less intimate tours. It was a great value and a load of fun. Thank you Ivar and Coral Breeze for a great day in Belize.

Mark and Gina
North Aurora, IL
December 11, 2007