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Just fantastic, very friendly, very knowledgable.

Just a note to let you know that for our future trips to Belize, we will be using Coral Breeze Tours, and only will we book if we can reserve our tour guide, Ivar!! He was just fantastic, very friendly, very knowledgable about Belize and most of all (unlike other tour guides that we personally witnessed) he kept us safe, and instructed us on how to paddle the currents and how to stay together as these waters can have strong currents. Ivar even helped a woman (who obviously had been abandoned by her tour guide) untangle herself from a tree limb she had crashed into. We felt so safe with him. We also had the greatest of lunches, prepared by Maria, by the way. She cooked the BEST rice and beans I have ever had. No waiting on lines, we ate in a private setting and Ivar personally ordered our lunches prior to cave tubing so that it would be ready after our tour. Maria also introduced us to watermelon juice (we had it with our lunch). She told us how to make it...mmmmm.... ! Just thinking about that ice cold glass of watermelon juice makes my mouth water!!! Thanks Coral Breeze Tours and thanks to IVAR THE GREAT and also thanks to Maria!!!

Patti A. and Family
Winter Garden, FL
Carnival Glory
October 3, 2007