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You are dependable, and you get way more than expected for your money!

We had a wonderful time. This was the only excursion we was able to do due to the winds and water conditions, but had a wonderful time! The day was beautiful! Our guide was Star and she did a great job! From the moment we walked from the Wet Lizard (where we met her outside), she was giving us all kinds of information about the area, what to expect, etc. She pointed out points of interest along the way, gave us alot of history on Belize, answered all of our questions, made sure we had time to take pictures along the way, etc. Even looked for a croc where they are normally laying in the sun. She pointed out the eco-systems there, the vegetation, etc.

Once we got to the cave tubing resort, we had time to use the facilities and pick up our gear. The walk through the rainforest was very interesting! She told us of the different plants there, some of the local customs and what the different plants could be used for. She showed us the ones to stay away from as well as the ones that was good for you. I enjoyed the drive there (even if it was a "butt/back massage") just listening to her tell us of the history and the landmarks was great. It never matter if we was on the van, walking in the rainforest, tubing down the river, etc. Star was giving us all kinds of information about Belize, the caves, the people, etc.

On the way to the rainforest, we stopped at Amigos and Star ordered our lunch so it would be ready upon our return. After the tubing was over we stopped back there to eat and it was very good. I could not tell you how the chicken was prepared, but was very good. Star even talked my husband and I into trying the hot sauce on our rice. After which she said to go easy, but a bit late. It tasted very good but was it HOT! Still enjoyed it! I bought some hand made items from the local ladies there at Amigos. Star has a wonderful sense of humor. She joked with us along the way and made the trip very interesting!

We saw the difference in booking through you ourselves and going through the cruise line. Other than the cost, their groups was very large, did not stay together, was a much shorter trip, etc. I am glad we read the reviews we did and found out about you. We have already been recommending you to people that we have seen. I feel that we got a much more personal tour, longer tour and definitely more information about what we saw as well as what we did or could do.

I would recommend that people contact you and take their tours through you. It is safe, you are dependable, and you get way more than expected for your money! Loved every minute of it!!!

Natalie H.
Ashland City, TN
Carnival Miracle
December 1, 2006