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Caving Experience was Incredible.

Our caving experience was incredible, a definite must do in Belize. As for our guide Charlie, what can I say. He was AWESOME.

Things were quite busy the day we went caving with other groups, but Charlie kept us all linked together, which was great. Try and compare our group of 15 to the cruise lines groups of 40+. Our tour was longer than the ones the cruise ships provided, as well as the cruise ship lost one of their elderly passengers who did not get out of the water with his group and ended up 15 minutes downstream with us.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time, and the lunch was ready when we got there, and awesome as well.

Thanks Coral Breeze and thanks again Charlie.

P.S. -- If you are planning to do this caving trip, a disposable underwater camera will not work in the caves because it has no flash.

January 9, 2005