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Don't let the experience of a lifetime pass you by.

All I can say is Thank you!!!! And in no way is that enough. The first time I set foot in Belize I felt at home and that was 2 years ago. We went on this same trip then with Mark and James and Heni. We came again this year and there they all were again, along with new faces. The trip was fantastic. It is everything that you could ever dream of and more. Knowledgeable guides and a great trip through the coral make this the best that money can buy. Beyond that though let me say thanks to the crew. Mark and James and Heni all recognized us from 2 years ago and welcomed us like we were family. The rest of the new faces were just as friendly. We spent the day diving and talking with them like long lost friends. I consider all of them to be friends and that is the best part of taking a tour with these wonderful people...If you ever log on to this site and wonder... Is it worth it? All I can say is, don't let the experience of a lifetime pass you by.

Greg B.
Idaho Falls, ID
Norwegian Sun
February 17, 2007