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We were a family of three that had read MANY glowing reviews, so decided to book online with Coral Breeze for our stop.

WE WOULD DO THIS TOUR AGAIN IN A NEW YORK MINUTE!!!! The crew was FANTASTIC, the group was small enough that we all got individual attention, and we were so very pleased with all we got to do, from feeding the rays to holding them for pictures...the snorkling was fantastic with so many wonderful finds it would be difficult to list them all. The staff was VERY knowledgeable, able to keep a handle on us as we went in different directions, and always watchful for stragglers/strays from the group.

We were very impressed since we had our son with us that they were constantly watching and keeping eyes on all the can one be made to feel so well tended in the open ocean???? This crew knew its stuff!!! ;)

We have recommended the Coral Breeze to several friends, and everyone was equally impressed. I know that folks on cruise ships might hesitate to book online with a company in another country, but the CORAL BREEZE is a company you can feel totally at ease with and KNOW you are getting twice the tour for half the money!

Debe Sevening

December 18, 2004 01:11 pm