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A Wonderful Experience.

Thank you so much for a wonderful time! The caves were awesome and the walk through the rainforest beautiful. We obviously had your best guide, JR. As we walked to the water he told us so much about the trees and vegetation. We even stopped for a snack of termites on the way. I chose to wait for lunch!

The water was not as cold as I expected and I absolutely loved when the current sped up and took me away. JR was great with my sister, who was to say the least nervous about the dark and the fast water. We always knew where JR was even though we couldn't always see him.

With JR as our guide I felt as though this was more than "a fun thing to do while in Belize". He showed us a bit of history. We were actually in a place where the Mayans performed ceremonies and honored their ancestors!

I will definitely recommend Coral Breeze to anyone traveling to Belize. I'm sure that the other excursions that you offer are as top notch as the cave tubing. I was very happy to be able to pay in full in advance of our visit.

Thank you once again for making our trip to Belize a wonderful experience!

Darlene B.
Carnival Glory

October 19, 2005