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An Amazing Trip!

We have returned from a great cruise last week on the NCL Sea. I heard about Coral Breeze through a community cruise website, and decided to book myself, my mom and my sister on your Cave Tubing Adventure.

It was an amazing trip! The directions/information/payment/meeting place were all easy to follow, and I was glad it was so easy to meet up with the tour at the dock. Our tour guide was Carlos Speedy Gonzales. Can I just say he was awesome and amazing?! We had the best time. I believe there were about 10 others in our group, and he took great care of each and every one of us!

The ride out to the river was very informative and interesting and I loved all the tidbits and stories that Carlos told along the way! They
made the drive seem MUCH shorter! Now, I have to be honest, being a "Plus-Plus sized woman", I was VERY concerned about a) if I physically would be able to complete the trip and b) if my size would hinder my ability to "float" and keep up with the rest of the group. Though during the walk, it did take me a little longer to catch up with the rest of the group every now and then, Carlos always would allow for me to catch up by telling a story or sharing some information, so that I didnt feel like I was dragging behind the rest of the group. Much appreciated! :)

I loved the tubing adventure! It honestly was the best excursion we did on the entire cruise! The water was a little low, and being plus sized, I think I had more "butts up" points than some of the others, but when it got really shallow, Carlos was always there to give me a hand and help me get over the shallow rocks until it got deeper!

Anyway, I'm rambling here. I loved the tour, we were all taken care of, had a blast and I sincerely think Coral Breeze has one of the best
values out there... Great Tour, Friendly Guides, great meal to try at Amigos... and all for about 1/2 the price of the more crowded Cruiseline

I met some new friends during our cave tubing adventure, and definitely have stories to share with the people back home, and I loved both the
service, food and excursion! Thanks so much!

Jill C.
Norwegian Sea

May 5, 2005